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DefaultPlugin Count In FX Window Status Bar + Report

It would be great if the FX browser window would count the number of plugins in the output window after a search, and then also show selected/total (selected over total).

It would also be great to be able to process a plugin report as well that allowed you to get a detailed report of:
  • Installed plugins Total of each Format (CLAP/VST/VSTi/VST2/VST3/ETC)
  • Installed plugins Total of each Type (Mastering, Limiter, Compressor, Etc)
  • Installed Plugins Total By Manufacturer
  • Plugins List Showing NON-WORKING Plugins
  • Plugins by Loading Type (Dedicated/Bridged/Etc) (For those who have lots of plugins that vary in special setup circumstance, this could be helpful for backup reasons)

Just an idea. It helps especially for those with high plugin counts, I have over for example. and while I have tools like Plugin Owl, I'd love for something like the above to be implemented directly within Reaper for sake of convenience and the additional info like the Loading Type for those plugins that have it specified, etc.



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Thread: Add some futures,fix your MQ4 files (experts,indicators,scripts)

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Jays Momentum Setup With Bar Count


I would first like to thank all my members in my live day trading room over the last year. Jerel
and I look forward to another successful year in with you. We will only bring indicators for
Ninja or Tradestation that will have a serious impact on your trading. Enjoy the symmetry dots.
After training hundreds of day traders and trading the market nearly 20 years, almost all fall into
two huge pitfalls when day trading the markets. Bottom line, no defined trading rules(defined
setups) and the biggest mistake is that they just can not take the emotion out of trading. In other
words,they trade just to trade or if the setup does not work out they will average the position down
hoping for it to come back. I have seen it all. The bottom line trading is about RULES! To be a
successful futures or currency trader you must have trading RULES and keep the setups as simple
as possible. You must know your entry, exit and trailing stop before you enter the trade. You must
EXECUTE your trading plan. You must have a great Risk/Reward as a trader or in the end you will
likely fail. If you are a system jumper then you will likely fail. Jumping from one Holy Grail to the
next will likely kill your account. If you do not know your exact entry to the bar, exact stop to the
bar and how to let your winners run to the bar then you will likely fail. Trading is about trading
your specific trading setups every day over and over. You have to be very systematic in your
approach. No emotions. Trade what you see not what you think. Never changing the RULES or
trying to think you know more than what the chart is telling you. Just know your trading rules and
take your EMOTION OUT and execute your setup. In other words. EXECUTE YOUR TRADING
PLAN. Stops are part of the game. Trade what the markets are telling you with symmetry. All
successful traders will get stopped out, however, by keeping your stop small with great Risk to
Reward trades then being stopped is part of doing business. Remember, the market is not a living
breathing thing, its just a transfer of wealth from one trader to another. The traders that don't have
systematic entry, stops and trailing stops are easy prey for us that do. The market is a zero sum

game. Every time someone wins then someone has to lose. I have shown that to all my members
with my Top 3 Setups where the Risk to Reward is off the charts and now I introduce my top
momentum setup. Four setups that are the pulse of the market. The key word is Symmetry. I teach
you how to trade it everyday in all markets. If you know the symmetry of the market then your
trading goals will reach new levels. Symmetry in the market is really easy to see. Is the market that
you are trading setting higher lows(up trend) or lower highs(downtrend). My automated dots that
we sell to our members for Ninja and Tradestation do just that. All major tops and all major
bottoms all have one thing in common. Major tops will always have a lower high in price action
and bottoms will have a higher low in price action. That is the symmetry of the market. If the
market is going to continue the up or down move then it must continue to show you as a trader
that it will not break the symmetry that it is in. In other words, if the market is in a hard up trend,
meaning settting higher lows, then it must continue to keep setting higher lows or its tipping its
hand that a trend change is in place. If you take anything from this PDF then please remember if
you know the symmetry in any market that you trade then you know more than 90% of the traders
that are trading against you. Let's take a look at symmetry real quick then move on to my top
momentum setup.
Ok! Let's take a look at the British Pound chart below. You will notice that I have cyan dots and
purple dots on the charts. These are the symmetry dots that I sell to Tradestation and Ninja users
and these dots are automatically updated in my live trading room that shows all my charts live on
your own computer around the world on the Euro and British Pound. You will notice that I had a
#1 buy setup at my institutional level and the market kept setting higher lows with my cyan dots
and the setup moves over 90 ticks with no heat. This is symmetry. The market kept setting higher
lows and it never closed below my cyan dots all the way to my next institutional number.

Before I go any further. This PDF is about my top momentum setup in my live day trading room.
If you would like to know about my other Top 3 Setups like this British Pound example then please
visit eunic-brussels.eu and click on the Top 3 Setups tab at the top. You will find I
have specific trading rules for entry, exit and trailing stops when you view my live day trading
screens. You will find tons of recent trades with the rules on my 1 2 3 setups. Let's get to my
momentum setup right now and remember go to that tab to view my other 3 top setups. This is a
momentum setup where price action moves immediately and the stops are real tight. Let's get
started. Once again, please review my website for my other top 3 setups. Let's start with Symmetry
again. Please take a look below at my automated indicator.

You can clearly see that after the breakout of my symmetry dots that prices trailed the red dots
all the way up until the breakdown of symmetry then the market falls hard. My momentum setup
has very defined rules.
1. ONLY take longs if the lower dots(red dots in this example) are setting higher lows from the
previous red dots and ONLY take shorts if the upper dots are setting lower highs(blue dots in this
example). Momentum is created when the first higher low or lower high from a major top or
bottom has occured. My 5 minute chart in the trading room with my divergence indicator will
show you the big picture when a trend change is happening. Also, you will not look to enter a
momentum trade unless the dots have a higher low for buys or lower high for shorts while viewing
my screens on the 1 minute chart. Remember, symmetry is always first for a momentum setup. Let
me put a marked chart up first then I'll show you examples and go over DEFINED RULES.

Let's break down the chart in my live day trading room. Symmetry dots are cyan and purple.
Higher lows in cyan=buy bias. Lower highs in purple dots=sell bias. Both act as support/resistance
until whole candle closed below/above. Notice the number count at the bottom of the chart. With
those numbers you will see a 40 line and 60 line. These lines and numbers with symmetry will be
your key to success with my momentum setup. It takes all three to make the setup work with my
momentum dot to enter. (I will go over how we use two candles stick formations in the room to
time the trade before it happens).
1. Symmetry
2. Line
3. Number Count
4. Momentum Dot(Green to buy/Magenta to Short)
Notice how I put them in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very important.

Please refer to the above chart!

1. Symmetry-Higher lows in cyan dots the trend is up only look for momentum buy setup.
2. When buying higher lows I use the line to show my what bar i should be buying or
selling. Here we have higher lows on the BP with my cyan symmetry dots. A defined rule is to buy
above a pullback to 60% or 40% when the number count is a 9 or 13 bar. The 9 or 13 must close on
or straddle above these numbers. Once this happens you can enter with a green buy dot.
3. Number count is key. The reason this setup works so great is that you are buying a higher high
with symmetry dots and only looking for a small retracement indicating strength. The market will
show its hand when it stops at 40% or 60% with a 13 or 9 count. This is a huge hedge fund play on
longer time frames. I like to use it to day trade. Moves are large and fast and stops are real tight.
4. Momentum dot is key. If the market is going to pause in an uptrend or downtrend then you
must have a momentum entry to get in when the train is just starting to leave the station then just
trail with symmetry. Let's go over the top momentum setups in order.
BEST SETUP-If the market is setting symmetry higher lows(cyan dots) and the market pulls back
to a 9 or 13 count ABOVE 60%. Key is above 60%. Nothing better than this. Market showing major
strength. Higher lows on dots. Pull back is shallow to 60% with 9 or 13 count. Market should
explode up. Only buy with first green dot. Stop will be placed at the swing low after dot entry on
the 1 minute chart. One tick below the lowest swing low or on the 1 minute chart will create a
really tight tick stop and you will see tick moves. Opposite for shorts. 9 or 13 count with
lower highs in symmetry dots at 40% you will take first magenta sell dot and the hard stop will be
above 1 minute swing high which is typically right before sell dot.
SECOND BEST-The market is setting a higher low with the dots. You get a pull back to 40% to buy
with a 9 or 13 count. Enter just like above only the stop will be one whole candle below the swing
high or low because of the deeper pull back to 40% in an uptrend instead of 60% so strength is not
as strong. Trail with symmetry dots.
THIRD-Taking 9 or 13 buy or sells outside of the but ONLY ON symmetry dots. Ill go over
this in the room.

Ok! Look at the chart below.

1. Symmetry setting higher lows(cyan dots)
2. Only Buys
3. Market pulls back to 60% Three Times
4. 9 bar prints on the line or touches the 60% line this means watch for a hard fast move
5. Wait for Green dot to enter.
6. Once long Stop will be 1 tick below swing low, typically right before entry dot. If it was a 40%
pull back meaning the count stopped at 40% instead of 60% showing a deeper pull back and 9 or 13
on 40% then stop whole candle below swing low. Ill go over the doji and hammer and how it helps
on the number count in the room when the count is close. Notice how the first two 9 buys at 60%
the market exploded. The third had a 9 buy 60% long but reversed at 3 bars after green dot this tells
my members to reverse. Ill go over the failure in the room. Huge moves. Last one this week 6 tick
stop 70 tick move. Bottom, line if you have an opposite color dot that pops up within three bars
after entry then momentum is slowing so exit with small stop or profit and reverse. Ill go over this
in the room. Ok! Let me show you a few recent trades. Once you are in the live trading room I go
over this 5 days a week from 9amam everyday and we trade 6 days a weeks almost 24 hours a
day. Same setups over and over. ALSO, VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. THE
OPEN. Heres some examples.

Notice, symmetry up meaning higher lows on cyan. 9 buys right on 60% line with green dot. No
heat huge moves. Next!

1. Cyan symmetry dots are up. Only momentum buys

2. 9 buy on 40%
3. Enter with green dot. Now stop will be whole candle close below swing low right before green
dot because its not above 60% so you will need to it breath more.
4 Second setup 13 buy on 40% enter with green dot. Stop whole candle below swing low.

Textbook! 9 Sell below 40% indicating major weakness and symmetry dots setting lower highs.
Enter with Magenta sell dot. Stop 1 tick above swing high before dot.
Look below how the 5min works.

Thank you everyone! If you have any questions on the indicator that I sell or the live trading room
then please email me at [email protected] or reach my partner Jerel at
[email protected] for a spot in our 3 day free trial in our live day trading room.
Thanks again
Jay/Room Moderator/Master Trader

How to count bars after order open?


thanks, will give it a try!!!

get the Order Open Time - OOT - (in seconds),

  • get the current time - Bar 0,
  • Subtract the next bar time value (say it is 15 min chart and next candle value is the 45 minute candle) form the current TimeMinute value. Let say it is 2 minutes and 25 seconds before the next Bar starts, thus the value will be (seconds).
  • get the Timecurrent() value and add the seconds to it = Bar_check_value.
  • do math calc and see how many seconds (15 x 60 = ) intervals the current time is away from the OOT.
  • that's how many bars away from the OOT.

Isn't there an easier way?

Any other ideas?

I made a sessions Indy which coincidentally fits your need. It's simplifies datetime operations greatly. Perhaps you can use the solution for your EA, I commented it with lots of explanation in case needed. 


Dang Thanh
10Dang Thanh#5  

Hi everyone,

I have a question that can we open opposite position on the same pair. If not, what would happened if we run two different ea bots on the same pair and they triggered opposite positions?

William Roeder
William Roeder#6  
Dang Thanh: I have a question that can we open opposite position on the same pair.
Not with a US broker. Since , hedging is not permitted for US traders.

          NFA Enforces FIFO Rule, Bans Forex Hedging in US Forex Accounts - Trading Heroes
          FAQ: FIFO in the Forex Market - eunic-brussels.eu

Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi
Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi#7  
Dang Thanh:

Hi everyone,

I have a question that can we open opposite position on the same pair. If not, what would happened if we run two different ea bots on the same pair and they triggered opposite positions?

You have asked your question in a non related and an old topic, you could better create a new topic in MT5 forum, here is MT4 forum.


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