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Индикаторы Натяжения Тросов

индикаторы натяжения тросов

For a guyed mast, the shedding of ice from heavily iced guys mayintroduce severe dynamic vibrations and should be considered; see clause Ice masses are increased but not atthe same rate as for smaller objects. The accretion processes and resulting types of ice are described in this clause. For tall mast, the same data may be used, but the calculation ismodified in such a way that a different wind speed vi is used for each level Hi. NOTE There are different ways that asymmetrical ice load may occur, and typical situations which result in asymmetricload cases and should be investigated, are following. Demonstrasi untuk menuntut pembatasan kuota mahasiswa ini terjadi pada This can be due to the accretion of ice or dueto shedding of ice. For almost any shape and dimension it is possible to find information about C0 values and this, combined with theknowledge of the surface condition of rime, has been used to stipulate the Ci values given below. Other angles of incidence to this plane should be adjusted for, for example by using the equations given in 8. This can cause different ice accretions on guys in differentdirections, but also result in asymmetrical ice load on the mast structure itself. Page 5. When a super-cooled water drop hits an ice surface it rapidly freezes and does not bounce Figure C. Embed Size px x x x x


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