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Кейген Для Форекс Тестер

кейген для форекс тестер

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Every pilottrader needs a


Practice Forex, Futures, and Stocks trading with Forex Tester like pilots train before taking off.

Practice Forex, Futures, and Stocks trading with Forex Tester

like pilots train before taking off.

Independent software (not a trading platform).

Improve your trading performance

30x faster!

One evening with Forex Tester can give you more trading experience than 30 days on demo account, so you can take this strategy live faster without additional risks.

Easily speed up the market to the most important events or trading setups.

Test it in different phases of the market.

    Speed of testing

    Control the speed of testing, from the slowest one to instant rewind to the required time or date.

    Go back & forward in time (backtesting) or go only ahead (to simulate market conditions as they are).

    Free Web Demonstration
    Risk management

    Just set what % of equity you can risk on this trade

    There is no need to calculate the lot size on your own. Lot size was calculated according to risk % and Stop Loss.

    Free Web Demonstration

    Easily switch between time frames without even stopping the action.

    See how a currency pair behaves on different time frames. This feature is extremely handy if you need to pick your trading method for a currency pair of your choice.

    Free Web Demonstration
    Risk / Reward Tool

    The system calculates the risk-reward ratio. It’s easier to make a decision when you know if it is worth it, right?

    Free Web Demonstration
    Indicators & Graphic Tools

    Use any from the vast list of indicators and graphical figures. Try using different of them to find the most effective one for your trading style.

    Just click “List of Indicators” or “Graphic elements” to choose an item from the correspondent list

    Free Web Demonstration

    Test on multiple charts simultaneously! Set different time frames and currency pairs to multiply your experience.

    Free Web Demonstration

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    Why a trader needs Forex Tester ?

    Up Your Game

    Up Your Game

    Think of Forex Tester as a trading gym.
    It's where you flex and tone your trading strategies, giving them the shape and strength they need to win in the fierce competition of the Forex market.

    Stop Risking, Start Testing

    Stop Risking, Start Testing

    Don't treat the market like a casino.
    Using Forex Tester, you can figure out just how risky your trading strategies are and tweak them until they're ready for prime time. It’s like having a time machine that lets you see the consequences before taking any real-life risks.

    Boost Your Confidence

    Boost Your Confidence

    Nothing helps you sleep better at night than knowing your strategies have been put through the wringer and came out on top. With Forex Tester, you can hit the market with tested strategies that you trust, taking the edge off that fear of the unknown.

    Learn the Ropes, Master the Market

    Learn the Ropes, Master the Market

    Forex Tester isn't just for testing — it's a powerful learning tool that can help you understand the market better. The more you practice in this risk-free environment, the sharper your trading skills become. It's like a hands-on Forex masterclass!

    Decode the Market's DNA

    Decode the Market's DNA

    With Forex Tester's historical data, you can become a market archaeologist, digging into the past to understand how various market conditions might shape the future. This knowledge can give you a heads-up when similar patterns start showing up again.

    Save Those Pennies

    Save Those Pennies

    Let's face it — trial and error in a live market can burn holes in your pocket. Forex Tester lets you test your strategies until they're rock-solid, so you can avoid those costly "Oops!" moments in real trading.

    How does Forex Tester work?

    Step 1

    Create chart setup and start simulation from any point of historical data

    Step 2

    Pause simulation to analyze a chart pattern and identify attractive entry point

    Step 3

    Open market or pending order, set stop-loss and take-profit

    Step 4

    Resume testing and speed it up to see the result

    Pick your character to see how Forex Tester will help you

    1. I am a
      complete novice

      and I barely know what's happening here
    2. I am a
      young-blood trader

      and I've done a couple of deals
    3. I am a
      burned trader

      everything was fine till I lost my money
    4. I am a
      seasoned trader

      but I earn little
    5. I am a

      So do surprise me

    Step 1

    Discover trading basics

    Discover trading basics

    Explore the universe of Forex and trading with the built-in educational course.

    Step 2

    Choose and examine your first strategy

    Choose and examine your first strategy

    By buying Forex Tester, you receive a bonus of 10 trading strategies, which will be extremely useful during your initial stage.

    • Martingale Grid & Hedging
    • Simple short-term strategy
    • Engulfing bars
    • GBP/USD simple breakout system
    • Martingale hedging with exponential lot increase
    • Simple “Make Pips” Strategy
    • The Trader vs. the Coin
    • Accurate Trading Strategy
    • The Hedging Strategy
    • The Tsunami Method

    Step 3

    Test your first strategy

    Test your first strategy

    Test your strategy with Forex Tester on at least a year of data to get an idea of your expected results during various market phases.

    Don’t start trading on a real account, it’s too early.

    Doing so during this stage has a
    probability of burning your money with no return!!!

    To proceed further, make sure you’ve completed steps for the ‘complete novice’.

    Step 4

    Learn risk management basics

    Learn risk management basics

    The goal of the initial trading phase is to learn how to avoid losing money. You will learn to earn when you learn not to lose. A suitable risk management tool can be found in Forex Tester's risk calculation module. When you purchase a Forex buying Forex Tester, you will receive the "HOW TO CALCULATE RISKS CORRECTLY" guide.

    Step 5

    Test 10 own strategies

    You can base these strategies on the popular ones that we guarantee to everyone who purchases FT. Don't let a couple of historical tests deceive you into thinking you're ready to start actual trading.

    Conduct a test on history every time. Integrate risk management into your trading platforms. To find a trading strategy that works consistently for more than a year, you must test dozens of non-profitable strategies. Test your strategies WITH and WITHOUT risk management to see the difference.

    Step 6

    Find your first profitable strategy

    Find your first profitable strategy

    A strategy must yield consistent results for at least 1 year, during various seasons, including winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Don't break the risk management rules. The capital curve must be smooth.

    Don’t start trading on a real account, it’s too early.

    Doing so during this stage has a
    probability of burning your money with no return!!!

    • Steps for “complete novice”
    • Steps for “young-blood”
    Without having this done, there is no point in moving on.

    Step 7

    Explore the history of failures of various trading systems by testing them

    Here’s an example of a simple trading system based on the intersection of two moving averages:

    • 1-month result: the profit of +25%, the drawdown of -5,4%.
    Explore the history of failures of various trading systems by testing them
    • 7-month result: the profit of -1%, the drawdown of ,5%
    Explore the history of failures of various trading systems by testing them

    Conclusion: don’t hurry to trade with an untested trading strategy on a long period.
    Share your failure story with us here: [email protected]

    Step 8

    Learn the basics of money management

    For stable work, you need:

    Learn the basics of money management

    These are the three vertices of a trader’s success. Not understanding any of these aspects will lead to failure.

    Step 9

    Start trading on a demo account

    After a year of testing, if the trading system has proven profitable, you can begin trading on a demo account. You shouldn't rush there either; do this for at least a half-year.

    Why can’t I do this on a live account right away?

    Because you need to train without losing your money. You can move to a real account if you have a profitable strategy that has shown positive statistics for 1 year + 6 months on a demo account. However, the lot size must be as small as possible. Don't rush to increase your trading volume.

    You can trade on a real account after completing all 9 steps, but only with the smallest lot.

    A sharp increase in trading volumes has a
    chance of resulting in the loss of the entire deposit.

    • Steps for “complete novice”
    • Steps for “young-blood”
    • Steps for “burned”
    Without having this done, there is no point in moving on.

    Step 10

    Find new profitable instruments through testing

    Profitable trading on one trading system with one instrument is already a good result! However, you should not stop there. It is possible that the trading instrument profitable for you was in a strong trend that allowed you to profit. At some point, the trend will eventually end, and you will begin to lose money. As a result, you should seek out new instruments and build a trading instrument portfolio on which your trading platform can be successful. It is preferable to test instruments from a variety of markets, including raw materials, stocks, indexes, cryptocurrencies, and currencies.

    Step 11

    Continue to search for new trading systems through testing

    Continue to search for new trading systems through testing

    One platform is fine, but it is critical not to stop there. Trading systems based on various analysis principles, such as indicator, graphical, fundamental, volume, and so on, can be tested. Trading platforms can be tested on various time frames. The more trading systems you find, the more consistent your trading will be…

    Step 12

    Create your trading portfolio

    Always update your portfolio with new trading systems and instruments that you have discovered through testing. It is critical to understand that every trading platform has a lifespan. As a result, if you want to consistently make money, you should constantly test new trading systems with your instruments. Even if one of your systems has begun to deteriorate, it is not a major issue when you have 10 systems in different markets in your portfolio. As a result, testing on historical data must be done regularly.

    • Steps for “complete novice”
    • Steps for “young-blood”
    • Steps for “burned”
    • Steps for “seasoned”
    Without having this done, there is no point in moving on.

    Step 13

    Become our partner

    Become our partner

    Scale your success and earn a partner commission.

    Teach your students/subscribers how to backtest trading strategies on historical data that will help them to:

    • get rid of loss-making strategies
    • find new profitable strategies

    Request white labeling of Forex Tester software.
    Take advantage of the interactive built-in Forex course in Forex Tester.
    Request customization of the features of Forex Tester to match your needs as a mentor.

    Step 14

    Master automated trading with expert advisors

    The majority of deals in the modern market are conducted by robots. That’s why it is important to follow this tendency. Automated trading will spare you time by trading strictly under an algorithm, relieving psychological pressure. In order to create expert advisors with no programming skills you can use the EASY FOREX BUILDER service. Create your portfolio of profitable expert advisors. You can create numerous expert advisors with Easy Forex Builder or order this from professional programmers of 4xDev. You can then test expert advisors in Forex Tester.

    Step 15

    Sell your profitable trading signals

    Sell your profitable trading signals

    Sell your profitable trading signals. Build a profitable business of selling your profitable trading signals with the FOREX COPIER service. In this way, you can scale your success and multiply your profit.

    Maximize your Trading Potential with our Backtesting Features

    Backtest Anytime, Anywhere with no internet connection: Test with Freedom

    Backtest Anytime, Anywhere with no internet connection:

    Test with Freedom

    Backtest Anytime, Anywhere

    with no internet connection:

    Test with Freedom


    Deep Trading Simulation

    Hone your Forex skills in a risk-free, realistic environment allowing you to simulate, practice and optimize trading methods.

    Introducing Deep Trading Simulation, the cutting-edge feature in Forex Tester that replicates real-world trading conditions to enhance your learning experience. Designed to help you refine your strategies and develop your trading skills, the Trade Simulator offers a realistic and immersive environment to practice and experiment without risking real capital. Put your trading intuition to the test with historical market data, customizable parameters, and real-time feedback, all within the safety of a powerful and user-friendly simulation tool. Discover the confidence and expertise you need to conquer the Forex market with Trade Simulator.

    The trading simulation depth includes the following details:

    • The price action inside a single candlestick;
    • Go to any point of historical data to start the simulation;
    • The trading terminal similar to MT4/5*;
    • Get the full functionality with one license.

    Don't let uncertainty prevent you from reaching your trading goals. Embrace the potential of Trade Simulator in Forex Tester and unlock your full potential as a Forex trader. Experience the unmatched benefits of practicing in a realistic environment, setting the stage for a successful and rewarding trading journey.

    * MetaTrader®, MetaTrader 5®, MT4®, MT5® are the registered trademarks of MetaQuotes Software Corp. The developers of Forex Tester are not affiliated with MetaQuotes Software Corp.


    Manual Backtesting and Forward Testing

    Validate strategies with past data and simulate future trades for comprehensive analysis.

    Experience the power of Manual Backtesting and Forward Testing with Forex Tester.

    Validate your trading strategies by analyzing historical data in a controlled, risk-free environment, and prepare for the future by simulating trades based on current market conditions. This feature provides a comprehensive analysis of your trading techniques, helping you uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses.

    Enhance your trading confidence and refine your strategies with Forex Tester's Manual Backtesting and Forward Testing, your essential tools for success in the Forex market.


    Faster Learning Curve

    Accelerate strategy development, optimize trading techniques through historical data backtesting, surpassing demo accounts.

    Unlock the power of accelerated learning with Forex Tester's Faster Learning Curve feature, a cutting-edge solution for traders seeking rapid strategy development and optimization. Forex Tester's advanced backtesting capabilities outshine standard demo accounts, providing users with the opportunity to experiment and refine their trading techniques against real historical market data. By simulating past market conditions, traders can identify patterns, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and iterate their strategies with confidence.

    With the Faster Learning Curve, users can efficiently test various scenarios and timeframes, enabling them to adapt and improve their strategies at a remarkable pace. Forex Tester's user-friendly interface and customizable parameters make it an indispensable tool for both novice and seasoned traders. Say goodbye to the limitations of demo accounts and embrace the future of Forex strategy development with Forex Tester's Faster Learning Curve. Witness firsthand how this innovative feature can accelerate your trading success, giving you the competitive edge you need in today's fast-paced Forex market.


    In-depth Performance Analysis

    Get detailed statistics of trading results to analyze performance, identify weak and strong points to optimize your strategies.

    Forex Tester's In-depth Performance Analysis feature offers an opportunity to optimize your trading success.

    This powerful tool provides comprehensive, data-driven insights into your Forex strategies' effectiveness, allowing you to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

    Make informed adjustments to your trading approach, refine your tactics, and maximize your potential profits with this essential feature. Gain a competitive edge in the Forex market with the In-depth Performance Analysis by Forex Tester.


    23 Years of Accurate Historical Data

    Backtest strategies with extensive, reliable market data for enhanced trading insights.

    Free Basic Data

    Basic Data

    Available for each and every Forex Tester user. You can freely download 23 years of historic data for 18 symbols directly from our server.

    This data is pretty enough for most traders to see if a strategy is profitable or not.

    Super Data Subscription

    Super Data

    The best choice for traders who consider even the tiniest price fluctuations.

    This data is the most precise, with daily updates and 5-digits data.

    Currencies, stocks, indexes, commodities, futures, metals, etc.

    Include trading with precious metals

    There is gold and silver (20 metals)

    1-minute historical data of medium quality

    In 1-minute data, a new bar emerges every minute, while in tick data, a new bar appears after a particular number of transactions

    1-minute and tick historical data of high and premium quality

    No floating spread or tick data

    Unlike fixed spread, floating spread is a changing value between bid and ask price

    Floating spread and tick data

    News - Only USD-related (high priority)

    The service which analyzes the worldwide or region-specific news that you can base your trading decisions on.

    News for: AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD

    News - for 9 currencies (high, medium, and low priorities)

    The data is always up-to-date

    23 years of medium quality real historical data

    Real Forex data which was relevant for the past 23 years

    23 years of premium quality real historical data<

    * - We control the quality of historical data and provide only those data intervals that we are % sure of, regarding both minute and tick data.

    Transform your Forex trading experience with Forex Tester's 23 Years of Accurate Historical Data feature, an unmatched resource that provides comprehensive market insights to enhance your strategies. This extensive and reliable data allows you to backtest your trading approaches, uncovering hidden trends, patterns, and opportunities that can shape your success in the Forex market.

    Gain a deeper understanding of market behavior and make more informed decisions with the wealth of knowledge provided by 23 years of accurate historical data. Unleash the full potential of your trading strategies, empowering you to navigate the complexities of the Forex market with confidence.


    Real Trading Conditions

    Set your broker’s spreads, swaps, commissions, leverage, and other trading conditions to get a deep trading simulation in a lifelike environment.

    Elevate your Forex trading journey with Forex Tester's Real Trading Conditions, an effective tool designed to help you practice and perfect your strategies in a lifelike environment. You can set personal conditions including spreads, swaps, commissions, and leverages. Experience the thrill and challenges of the Forex market without risking actual capital, allowing you to gain invaluable insights and develop your skills with confidence.

    This powerful feature simulates the complexities of the Forex market, providing you with a realistic training ground to refine your techniques and improve your decision-making abilities. Gain a competitive edge by mastering your trading strategies in real-world conditions.


    Confidence Builder

    Manual Trading Simulation and Forward Testing provide a risk-free environment to practice trading strategies.

    Elevate your Forex trading experience with Forex Tester's Confidence Builder, a groundbreaking feature that fosters skill development and boosts your confidence as a trader. Confidence Builder simulates real-world trading scenarios, allowing you to practice strategies and fine-tune your decision-making skills in a secure, lifelike environment.

    Develop a deeper understanding of market behavior and learn from your mistakes without risking real capital. Forex Tester equips you with the knowledge and experience needed to make informed decisions in the Forex market, setting you on the path to success.

    Don't let uncertainty and lack of experience hold you back from achieving your trading aspirations. Embrace the potential of Forex Tester's Confidence Builder and unlock your full potential as a Forex trader. Experience the unmatched benefits of a realistic training environment, paving the way for a successful and rewarding trading career. Master the Forex market with Confidence Builder, your key to trading success.


    Customize The Simulation Speed

    Control the testing speed to enhance chart setup analysis or skip what you want to skip.

    Forex Tester's Customize Simulation Speed feature offers a personalized learning experience, allowing you to tailor your Forex practice pace to your unique needs. Optimize your learning process and strategy refinement by adjusting the simulation speed to match your comfort level.

    This user-friendly feature enables you to focus on mastering trading techniques and analyzing market behavior at a pace that suits you.

    Maximize your Forex trading potential with Forex Tester's Customize Simulation Speed feature.


    Simultaneous Multi-Chart Analysis

    Open multiple chart setups for several assets on different time frames to analyze them simultaneously.

    Forex Tester's Simultaneous Multi-Chart Analysis feature empowers you to analyze multiple Forex charts concurrently, providing enhanced market insights for informed decision-making. This powerful tool allows you to compare different currency pairs, timeframes, and indicators, enabling a comprehensive understanding of market behavior. Maximize your trading potential with a holistic view of the Forex market, streamlining your analysis process with Forex Tester's Simultaneous Multi-Chart Analysis feature.


    Risk Management

    Define your risk appetite as a percentage of your account balance per trade, set default SL and TP orders in pips, and calculate secure lot size instantly.

    Forex Tester's Risk Management feature helps you master essential risk control techniques, optimizing your Forex trading approach for long-term success. This invaluable tool teaches you to balance risk and reward effectively, enabling you to make informed decisions that protect your capital while pursuing potential profits.

    Enhance your trading performance by understanding and implementing key risk management principles with Forex Tester's Risk Management feature.


    Reward-to-Risk Tool

    Analyze and improve the reward-to-risk ratio of a trading position with a graphical tool showing entry price and adjustable slop-loss and take-profit levels.

    Forex Tester's Reward-to-Risk Tool empowers you to optimize your trading strategy by calculating and analyzing reward-to-risk ratios for informed, balanced decisions.

    This essential tool helps you assess the potential profitability of your trades, enabling you to make calculated choices that align with your risk tolerance.

    Enhance your trading performance by understanding the balance between potential rewards and risks with Forex Tester's Reward-to-Risk Tool.


    Popular Technical Indicators

    Create your chart setup using 60+ built-in technical indicators with adjustable settings and parameters. Find the most effective set of indicators for your strategy.

    Forex Tester's Popular Technical Indicators feature provides access to a wide range of commonly-used technical indicators, enhancing your Forex trading analysis. This comprehensive collection equips you with the tools necessary to identify trends, potential entry and exit points, and market momentum.

    Improve your trading performance by incorporating these popular indicators into your analysis process with Forex Tester's Popular Technical Indicators.


    Upload Indicators and Algo-Trading Strategies

    Backtest the performance of sophisticated technical indicators and algorithmic trading strategies.

    Forex Tester's function to Upload Indicators and Algo-Trading Strategies allows you to personalize your Forex trading experience by incorporating custom indicators and algorithmic trading strategies.

    Enhance your trading performance by tailoring your market analysis and decision-making process to suit your unique style and objectives.

    Experience the freedom to customize your trading with Forex Tester's Upload Indicators and Algo-Trading Strategies.


    One-Click Trading Tool

    Open multiple trades in one click

    Forex Tester's One-Click Trading tool improves the way you interact with the Forex market. This effective feature allows you to place multiple trades with a single click, streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary steps. Whether you're executing market orders, stop or limit orders, this tool ensures rapid, hassle-free trading. Furthermore, the tool supports intuitive modification of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, adding an extra layer of control and flexibility.

    The One-Click Trading tool is designed with a clean, user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with the Forex Tester platform. This feature is important for traders looking to optimize their trading process, respond quickly to market changes, and take control of their trading decisions for several assets at a time. Take your trading to the next level with Forex Tester's One-Click Trading tool.


    Fundamental Analysis Tool

    Learn how crucial fundamental events influenced price action in the past.

    Forex Tester's Fundamental Analysis feature grants you access to a wealth of macroeconomic data, enabling you to monitor key economic indicators and events that drive the Forex market. Stay ahead of the game by anticipating market movements and uncovering hidden opportunities for growth and profitability.

    In addition to its vast data repository, Forex Tester's Fundamental Analysis feature provides you with intuitive tools for interpreting this crucial information. Master the art of fundamental analysis by leveraging these powerful resources, and unlock the secrets of the Forex market.

    With the Fundamental Analysis feature, you can seamlessly integrate fundamental factors into your trading strategies, enhancing your performance and maximizing your profits. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market forces at play and make confident, well-informed trading decisions that align with your financial goals.


    Interactive FX Educational Course

    Learn the basics of trading Forex with our proprietary interactive course.

    The Interactive Educational Course provides a useful blend of theory and practice, ensuring that you not only understand the fundamentals of Forex trading but also develop the hands-on experience necessary for success. Through engaging lessons, real-world examples, and interactive exercises, you'll learn the intricacies of technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology – all within the powerful Forex Tester platform.

    As you progress through the course, you'll have the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge using Forex Tester's advanced simulation features. This synergy of learning and practice allows you to hone your trading strategies, sharpen your instincts, and build confidence in your decision-making, all within a risk-free environment.

    With Forex Tester's Interactive Educational Course, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, empowering you to navigate the complexities of the Forex market with ease. Embark on your journey towards trading mastery and unlock your full potential with this innovative learning experience.


    Create EAs and Algo-Trading Strategies

    Take advantage of our proprietary Easy Forex Builder software to develop your own Expert Advisors and trading bots with no coding skills required.

    Discover the perfect synergy between powerful backtesting and effortless strategy development with Forex Tester's seamless integration with the Easy Forex Builder software. This dynamic duo empowers you to create your own Expert Advisors and trading bots without the need for coding skills, unlocking a world of endless possibilities for innovation and success in the Forex market.

    The Easy Forex Builder software offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating customized trading algorithms. With its drag-and-drop functionality, you can effortlessly design and fine-tune your unique trading strategies, regardless of your technical expertise. Turn your trading ideas into reality and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving Forex market.

    Once you've crafted your Expert Advisors and trading bots with Easy Forex Builder, the seamless integration with Forex Tester enables you to test and optimize their performance within the platform's robust simulation environment. Refine your algorithms, perfect your strategies, and build confidence in your decision-making, all within a risk-free testing arena.

    Embrace the future of Forex trading with Forex Tester's integration with Easy Forex Builder. Experience the benefits of customized trading strategies without the complexity of coding, and unlock your full potential in the Forex market.

    Begin your journey towards trading mastery with Forex Tester and Easy Forex Builder today. Transform your trading strategies, maximize your profits, and achieve your financial dreams. The future of trading is right here – seize it now.


    AI-based Strategy Optimizer

    Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to uncover weak points of your trading strategies and optimize them automatically.

    The AI-based Strategy Optimizer tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to refine your trading strategies, optimizing their performance and helping you achieve maximum profitability in the Forex market.

    Experience the efficiency of AI-driven optimization as the Strategy Optimizer intelligently analyzes your strategies, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting precise adjustments. Benefit from data-driven insights that enable you to make informed decisions, fine-tune your approach, and outperform the competition.

    The AI-based Strategy Optimizer not only streamlines the optimization process but also reduces the risk of overfitting, ensuring that your strategies are robust and adaptable to various market conditions. Save valuable time and effort, as the feature automates the optimization process, allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your trading.

    Whether you're a novice trader seeking guidance or an experienced professional looking for a competitive edge, Forex Tester's AI-based Strategy Optimizer is an invaluable tool in your arsenal. Embrace the future of trading strategy optimization and experience the transformative impact of AI-driven analysis on your trading performance.

    Trading Strategies Backtesting Results

    -9%in 3 months

    Simple MA crossover strategy

    +37%in 2 months

    Universal Double-Bolli strategy

    +%in 5 months

    Ichimoku + RSI trading system

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